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Civil Litigation

Business and Property Disputes, Breach of Contract, other matters warranting monetary damages or forced performance. 

When a dispute arises between two or more individuals or organizations, sometimes the relationship deteriorates so much that the parties can no longer communicate with each other. That is where I come in. I am here to protect my clients' interests and to find them the most beneficial resolution. Whether the dispute is between neighbors about a boundary line, or between corporations over a multi million deal, I will guide you through and provide you with the necessary tools to successfully litigate your issue. 


My goal is always to resolve issues informally, in fact, many of my cases are settled outside of Court. Unfortunately, informal resolution is not always possible, and it is important for your interests to be represented by an attorney who knows their way around the courtroom both before, during and after the trial.  


I have experience both with settling matters before a lawsuit is filed as well as taking cases successfully to trial. My objective is to skillfully handle your case and resolve disputes efficiently and permanently. My reputation for being willing to take cases to trial and for being a zealous advocate for my clients inside and outside of the courtroom has gained me the respect of other attorneys and has given me an edge when it comes to case settlement. 


Whether as a Plaintiff or Defendant, I am capable of handling the most basic of motions up to and including substantive motions, bench trials, and jury trials. My presence and knowledge provide my clients with the confidence they need to maneuver through complicated legal issues and come out on top. 

Business Formation

Business Formation, Contracts, Mergers, Business Law

Starting and maintaining a successful business is no easy feat.

Initial business contracts must be drafted to ensure they will be upheld in court in case of litigation. 


If a contract is not properly drafted, a business may end up insolvent and bankrupt, based on an error which could have been easily avoided.


I'm prepared to assist you with every step of the process, from required filings with the secretary of state, the IRS, and local cities, to contract formation, mergers, and buyouts.

Do not make that mistake, and allow me to keep you in business and out of the Court system. 

Family Law

Divorce and Child Custody

Just like businesses and other individuals, sometimes families have disputes that cannot be resolved informally, and I am here to help. 


Issues such as divorce and child custody can be very difficult and emotional for the people involved. I am here to ensure that the process goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible. Complicated issues may arise, and I am here to guide you through each and every step. 


I have a firm understanding that sometimes couples grow apart and cannot maintain a marriage. That being said, often times married couples have children and it is important to both parents that they are involved in decisions about their child's upbringing. It is my duty to ensure that when it comes to your child, all decisions made pertaining to their health, education, etc. is in the very best interest of your child.  

PR Litigation

Public Relations Contract disputes

It is now the time of technology and web-based promotions. Public Relations is abundant today, however, it is still a relatively young field. As such, many public relations contracts are litigated because of ambiguities including the requirements of all parties to the contract.


What is expected of the Public Relations person? What is expected of the client? What happens if one party believes the other has performed inadequately? These are all questions that must be addressed in the contract itself. If not, you will likely find yourself in court litigating what work was expected, and the reasonable value for the same.


I can help you regardless of whether you are looking into a new contract, or are already fully immersed in litigation. I have the tools and connections necessary to protect my client's interest and assist them in attaining the best possible outcome, whether we settle outside of court or take the case to trial. 

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